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Crompton is a trademark of Crompton Parkinson Ltd. And is issued by TE Connectivity under licence.

Crompton Instruments


  • High accuracy electronic transducers and transmitters,
  • Design to meet major international specifications - BS6253, IEC414, AS1384, ANSI C37
  • Load independent for local or remote indication,
  • Flame-retardant moulded cases,
  • Electrically isolated, Self powered operation,
  • Suitable for panel mounting or 35mm DIN rail fixing,
  • UL listed and recognized E203000,
  • Measurement of up to 50 electrical and power measurements,
  • High accuracy 0.2%,
  • THD measurement and power quality data,
  • True RMS measurement,
  • Up to 4 analog outputs, Modbus RS-485 and pulsed output,
  • Fully programmable PT and CT ratios,
  • Configurable via software package or menu driven interface,
  • Suitable for DIN rail fixing,
  • UL recognized E203000,

Transducers measure, isolate, and convert electrical parameters into industry standard DC output signals and broadcast results via communication interface options such as RS232 and the Modbus digital protocol. These vibration resistant transducers protect against high voltage and overload. Integra transducers measure up to 50 electrical and power quality parameters and offer up to four user-programmable analogue outputs. Paladin transducers provide Class 0.5 or 0.2 measurement of up to seven electrical parameters and multiple analog outputs from a single housing.