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Crompton is a trademark of Crompton Parkinson Ltd. And is issued by TE Connectivity under licence.

Crompton Instruments

Sealed Meters

  • Heavy duty long and short scale instruments for industrial, marine and military use,
  • Comply with DIN 43780, BS89, IEC51, AS1042, DEF 66.7 standards,
  • Withstand high levels of shock, vibration, dirt and humidity,
  • Sturdy steel cases to enclosure code IP67,
  • Suitable for severe climatic conditions including extreme temperatures and humidity,
  • Self-shielding movements, allowing instruments to be used in ferrous or non ferrous panels,
  • Class 1 accuracy,
  • Glass window standard,
  • Military approved 083 style instruments,
  • Illumination available on some models,
  • Calibration for mounting other than vertical,
  • Scaling to customer’s requirements,