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Crompton is a trademark of Crompton Parkinson Ltd. And is issued by TE Connectivity under licence.

Crompton Instruments

Protector Relays

Trip relays continuously monitor and protect any electrical parameter within a set point limit. The range offers both traditional and technologically advanced products, including single parameter units, earth leakage protection and ground fault relays.

  • Comprehensive range of electronic monitoring and trip relays,
  • Continuous surveillance of any electrical parameter,
  • Adjustable set point and time delay,
  • Bright red LED indicating alarm and trip function,
  • Flame-retardant moulded cases,
  • Suitable for panel mounting or 35mm DIN rail fixing,
  • UL listed and recognized E113067,
  • Compact size,
  • Precision digital settings,
  • LED bargraph display,
  • 10 selectable trip levels,
  • 16 selectable time delay settings,
  • Less than 40ms response time,
  • 8A, 250V rated relay contacts,
  • DIN rail 43880 enclosure,
  • UL recognized E203000,