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Crompton is a trademark of Crompton Parkinson Ltd. And is issued by TE Connectivity under licence.

Crompton Instruments

ANSI Transformers

Complete range of transformers for reducing high primary currents down to a consistent 5 or 1 Amp secondary current. Options include molded case ANSI, busbar and a wide range of aperture sizes. Tape wound, balanced and split core CT‘s are also available. Many current ratings and mounting options are available.


Crompton Instruments offers a wide range of Current and Potential Transformers for both measuring and protective applications. Available in popular tape wound and UL recognized molded case styles, there is a Crompton transformer for your specific application.

Commercial grade, low cost window type current transformers are used with ammeters in such applications as panel boards, control panels and engine generators. Many different models with numerous windows sizes and ratios are available. CT’s can be supplied with leads or terminals and some have integral mounting feet or can be supplied with mounting brackets.

We also offer a range of single and three phase metering class voltage transformers. They provide metering burden capacity up to 0.3% class @75 VA and a thermal rating up to 750 VA. Some models have onboard fuse mounting available. This range of single phase voltage transformers is designed to meet the requirements of IEEE C57.13-1993.

Section 1      600V class Window Type Current Transformers

Section 2     600V class Window Type Current Transformers

Section 3     600V class Breaker Type Current Transformers

Section 8     Technical Data - Applications

Section 5     600V class  Voltage Transformers

Section 6     Medium Voltage Potential Transformers

Section 4     600V class Wound Primary Current Transformers

Section 7     Medium Voltage Control Power Transformers